President Ryu Takeno

ADAL is Service Maker!

I call ADAL as “Service Maker.” ADAL needs not only producing products but also providing the service to you. If we only produce the furniture and finish our business after we installed them, it is not a right service as a contract furniture company. ADAL has many experiences producing furniture from restaurants to hotels. We are able to advise knowledges and techniques based on our experiences from the field to meet our clients’ views. There has the meaning of ADAL, involving the projects.

To lead our clients’ practical benefits, the furniture for management resource.

I am considering ADAL has to offer the furniture’s “function,” which has the longer useful life span and the convenience, more than furniture designs. From the view of the cooperate manager, how the furniture brings the profit contribution is more important than the design. How can the furniture which ADAL provides make the profit more than the price (value) of the furniture? To survive in the contract furniture field, we need to produce furniture understanding what our clients’ needs.

ADAL’s future from the view of the field.

If you come and see our factory, you will understand instantly that our artisans use their brains a lot to compare with others. If we can bring the best of the artisan’s abilities and carry on their outstanding know-hows to the future, we believe ADAL can contribute to our clients and the society. ADAL has over 60 years history since the establishment. We have good parts. At the same time, we have the parts which need to be fixed. Thinking the way of opening the road for the future by the flexible thoughts is the mission for us who live now.

ADAL = ADVISER FOR AMENITY LIFE A great advisor that helps establish comfortable living environments

Chairman and Founder Shigemi Takeno

In late 1950’s and early 1960’s, when I first joined the company, ADAL was merely a private shop that consisted of only 3 staff members. Now we are attempting to fully automate manufacturing using various state of the art machines, but back then, there were no machines, and manufacturing was performed by hand. However, the firm sense of craftsmanship is what brought ADAL to where it stands today.

In addition to offering high quality products, we believe that it is most important to understand our products and give proposals by imagining how users will feel using the products and what kind of scene they will be used in. To this day, I cherish my sense of strict evaluation, mindset, and technique I gained as a professional in the furniture industry. Through this, I was able to gain a large amount of gratitude from our customers.

We are looking to refine the unique ADAL brand by prudently manufacturing each one of our products as well as help our customers as “highly accessible space coordinators” that can proactively listen to our users’ needs.

We aim to become “professionals in space coordination” that can establish the future by converting our experiences into techniques.

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